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This is Tempe's Chief of Police,
Mr. Tom
"Dick and Harry" Ryff

                  Chief Tom Ryff

Here is Tom in high school.

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He is seen here, doing what he does best!

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Makin' time . . .

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Below is the outline of this tape.

000 515

Memo fr Tom Ryff  (TR)  to ??

515 1140

1st call TR talking about chasing girls with Officer Dan Kells (DK)


544 TR says adjust your hours                    (Ryff is telling another officer to lie)


711 TR says lie to your supervisor              (Ryff is telling another officer to lie)


801 TR and DK say what do we tell the wives?    (Ryff is telling another officer to lie)


824 TR says I’m getting so good at lying . . . I’m even fucking you up.


1104 TR says use the family thing                (Ryff is telling another officer to lie)

1140 1245

deleted, unrelated

1140 1218

TR calls wife, warm and fuzzy.

1220 1350

2nd TR makes call talking about chasing girls with DK

1350 1714

3rd TR talks to Ken Harmon (KH) and discussing Larry who is really a female named Lisa

1717 1736

TR’s wife calls back and leaves two messages

Perverts on the loose: #Tempe Police Public Safety Alert

~~Tempe Police Department Public Safety Notification~~

Dear Tempe Neighbors,

On behalf of Mayor Hugh Hallman and the men and women of the Tempe Police Department, the following notification is provided as a public safety alert.

Be on the lookout of the following three perverts. Last seen at the Tempe Police Dept.:


Chief Tom RyffSgt Dan KellsSgt Ken Harmon

Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff                        Tempe Police Sgt Dan Kells                                Tempe Police Sgt Ken Harmon

Why this way?

Simple. Expose the "bad" that effects how the public looks at all of us.

 Chief Tom Ryff

Is he our HERO?

OR as others have said,

" . . . a man of low moral character, no integrity,
and unfit to lead a police department of heroes".

Here's what drives us:

Credibility and Honor and Integrity

OUR Badge

and the Tempe Seal means something to us.

To see 2008, 2009 & Jan-Aug 2010 blogs
about Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff
Click here.

Our focus is:
Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff AND

those who cover, support & ignore his antics.







The consensus was #1, there are plenty of us you could ask that question to. All of us active and gone know which past civil case and which lawyer produced good results.

Number 2, your e-mail speaks of issues none of the brain trust of this group has present knowledge of. We want to be here for you but we need you to send us some specific facts that we can identify as ones that may be new or unaddressed. A few of us commented that this could be from Tommie M or Tom (swinging dick (with a small d)) Ryff, we all laughed, then we said, oh hell yes!

If we are wrong, we’re sorry. If we are right, nice try Tommie (Big Loooooser) M., and Little Peter Tom Ryff.


mrx be with you soon.
We are hearing rumblings of something BIG. It appears a few of you have to make some tough decisions. Never before has the comments to us looked better,  than now. It appears more and more of you have or are deciding that you too have been fucked by Ryff or his gang or his henchmen and it is time to do something about it.
The question is simple, what can we do to guide you OR help you OR support you? You need money, you need help getting something to someone without you all over the transaction? We want to help, it is time to end this good ole boy regime.

It is with great regret that we must shut this site down. Our primary financial supporter has moved out of state and he is behind in his payments to us. Farewell everyone, it has been fun. Should you decide to financially contribute to this site,  billyjoejimbob.jimbob@gmail.com 
Depending on your input, we may delay our decision.


Dear officers,

I am an international student from ASU. I reported that my wallet is stolen last Friday on Walmart. The customer service tell me they have captured the thief by the camera and they can even check the name of the thief. Everything is ready to transfer to the officers. Besides, the thief also used my credit card at Circle K and I also reported that on Monday. I believe it is very possible that the camera will capture the thief's car.

I called several times this week to inquiry my case. But I just got the same answer every time that there is no update. I do feel very frustrated. I have suffered several loss by theft since I have been to here. Although I reported it every time, I have never got any response from the officer. Since this time the thief has been clearly captured, I was holding a big hope that you can help me get my wallet back. But maybe I am wrong.

I understand officers are quite busy on a lot of cases. Maybe my case is just a small one for you, but for our international student, it is really means a lot. We have to carefully manage our budget to study and live here.

I do appreciate your help to get my wallet and make our international student feel that we are safe and protected.   Thanks a lot!   Lin


Hello Lin, 

It is very hard for our officers to be short staffed and then many of us be deployed to and around ASU which leaves many areas of Tempe uncovered. Because of the ASU party problem, many areas of Tempe are uncovered because we simply can't cover all the beats with half of our patrol staff in ASU territory. But we do have a very smug idea for you. Email Mark Salem at mark@marksalem.com, he a Tempe businsses man who rants and raves about no one taking his police reports seriously and he can raise hell with the best of them.  He will have some words of encouragement for you and ask him what he does to get their attention.  He and the Chief are best of friends. Maybe he will put in a good word for you ;)


The vote says Kells picture is staying.

Someone writes:

"Newest talk is Kotsur did not retire voluntarily. Him and his childhood friend Nannenga have screwed up Avondale PD like nobodies business. They have multiple employee complaints, the Police Association can't stand them, active EEOC investigations and poor morale. And there are questions about Kotsur's "relationship" with another city employee.  Those are rumors at this point, but very wide spread.



xxthxxx@gmail.com writes: Who ever you are, Tempe has fine men and women working for them and many of those men who made Tempe proud. Tom Ryff is only one who embarrasses the rest of us and the City of Tempe. No one has ever been outed as bad as Ryff was done by you. You found his closet door found open and all his trash there for the taking and all of the evidence in his own voice. He does not represent the majority of the rest of the police force. You said when Ryff left you would take this website down. Kells is retired and gone. Why not take his picture off your site?


We know many of the men and women you refer to. We agree that many served with honor and Ryff did not and has not. Yes, we rifled his closet good and according to hundreds, he well deserved it.

Are you a relation of Kells? Just asking. We've decided to do what others think we should do about Kells. You can vote at


The question is, do we remove Kells' picture from this site OR NOT?

We wonder if this AZ Republic article  prompted your email, are you a fan or related to Kotsur?

We've decided not to comment on Kevin, one, because this article clearly shows he was respected by his peers. Secondly, while Kevin was here, he didn't always have a backbone BUT working for and under Ryff can cause that. Third, whatever Kevin did or did not under Ryff was nothing compared to the good he did in and for Avondale.

That being said, we consider Kevin to be one of us, he's a good guy and he, like us, knows all we need to know about the King Purv, Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff.

If no one else will say it, we will. Many of us at Tempe are preoud of you Kevin, this article shows Tempe did produce some high class cops.


Tempe police Detectives Denison Dawson and Jessica Dever-Jakusz went out on traffic patrol together, something both officers had done frequently in their tenure with the city. However, instead of patrolling the streets of Tempe like any other shift, they were 5,750 miles away, checking for violations among the drivers of Zurich, Switzerland.

Dawson and Dever-Jakusz had been whisked away for a week as participants on the Swiss television show “Job Swap,” trading places with two Swiss officers, who came to Tempe to work. Dawson and Dever-Jakusz, with a combined 23 years on the Tempe force, had little to no idea of what they were getting themselves into.

The Tempe officers had less than 24 hours between the announcement they had been selected for the show and their flight. On top of it all, Dawson had a pho­bia of air travel, making the 12-hour jour­ney across the Atlantic even more diffi­cult.

Luckily, Dever-Jakusz had brought a stuffed monkey with her, which Dawson cuddled to ease his nerves. “I was holding this monkey, caressing it. Any time I felt turbulence and I was shaking, I would squeeze his stomach,” Dawson said. “He was my comfort.”

We had to think of the old Tempe cops, would they get a kick out of the quote and story of the two new-age Tempe detectives traveling to Switzerland for a TV show called "Job Swap." Even drunk, we couldn't see a Mike Wilkins like cop caressing a stuffed animal to help him deal with anything.

Does Tempe still have teddy bears in the trunk of their cars? Maybe Dawson can cop one of those.

But then again, anyone wanna bet if Ryff made a pass at the Swiss female cop, Clau­dia Brandenberg?


OK, What does Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff and Michael Douglas have in common?

We know all you sickos think yous know what we are thinking, but you don't.

Ryff and Douglas have both played cop roles.

Ryff plays a cop in Tempe and Douglas played a cop in the TV show, "The Streets of San Francisco"



In Scottsdale, they say this:

A Scottsdale police sergeant has resigned after an internal-affairs investigation concluded that he failed to respond to a report of shots fired at a downtown nightclub and lied about his whereabouts.

The Scottsdale Police Internal Affairs Unit found that former Sgt. Anthony Bellissimo was untruthful in interviews, showed poor judgment and failed to supervise an April 7 report of shots fired near the Jackrabbit Lounge in the 4200 block of North Drinkwater Boulevard, said the report released Monday.

Bellissimo resigned May 16, said Officer Dave Pubins, a Scottsdale police spokesman.

"In such cases, officers’ names are typically placed on an “integrity list” of Maricopa County police officers whose truthfulness has been challenged, said Jerry Cobb, a spokesman for the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office.

DUI cases (Scottsdale Police Officer) Bellissimo handled could be jeopardized because defense attorneys could question his truthfulness, Cobb said.

“We have a duty to disclose ... evidence” of police dishonesty, Cobb said.


NOT IN TEMPE - In Tempe, this applies to everyone but Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff.  


Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff, a friend of yours  0506131134a@yahoo.com  asked us to ask you, what happened when your wife Roseanne found that rubber in your truck? You told us you blamed your son Brandon and told Roseanne the rubber was his. Did she ever find out the truth?

Roseanne's favorite quote is

"Happiness is like a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you."

Roseanne, Tom is a no good piece of shit, you have no idea how much all of us know about his cheating on you. All of us can count on two things, he will cheat and he will brag about his conquest and much of it is passed to the wives by our husbands.

Your are a beautiful women. Get rid of him. You will have your retirement and at least half of his. You can start over and find someone to love and respect you.

been there done that


Great question 123456LMN. Everyone, here is the riddle: What does Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff and Michael Douglas have in common?

Don't think this is a slam dunk, we have the answer and it is worth the wait!

If you can solve the riddle, use this email address tempepolicecloset2013@hushmail.com



05/04/13 AZ Republic, Valley and State, page B2, Coach, 2nd man arressted on pot, assualt charges.

A Phoenix high-school wrestling coach and another man are facing charges of drug possession, aggravated assault and resisting arrest after they were caught smoking marijuana Saturday in Tempe’s entertainment district and tried to flee officers, police say.

Cory Watson, 26, a coach at Phoenix Christian High School, and Adam Yazzie, whose age was not available, scuffled with officers as they tried to evade arrest, according to police. Officers said they had to use Tasers to subdue Watson and Yazzie before the two were taken into custody.

A third person fled the scene and wasn’t found, police said.

Lt. Scott Smith of the Tempe Police Department said Watson’s behavior was unfortunate.

“The fact that Mr. Watson is a wrestling coach and is charged with teaching our community’s youth about health and fitness and good citizenship, for him to be involved with this kind of conduct is disappointing,” he said.

You probably didn't hear the rest of this press interview:

Press - Lt. Scott Smith, what is the difference between your Chief, Tom Ryff's conduct and this wrestling coach's conduct?

Lt. Scott Smith  - next question?

Press - But Tempe Police Chief Ryff is a liar, he told the press it was not his voice on "that" tape, then later, he admitted it was his voice. He said he was illegally taped by others, when it is clear he taped himself.

Lt. Scott Smith  - If there's no more questions, I have to go.

Press - So you are unwilling to compare Ryff's lying to the media, Ryff's lying to his wife, Ryff lying who is on this tape, Ryff telling a subordinate to lie to his supervisor    to     this wrestling coach actions of smoking grass and running away? Isn't Ryff supposed to be the example for Tempe Police? Wouldn't you agree that "your" sentence applies to Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff as well?

"For Tom Ryff to be involved with this kind of conduct is disappointing,”

Lt. Scott Smith  - Thank you all, hope to see you soon (as he wipes some brown material off the end of his nose).


All about Trow, probably the next Chief?

Chief Ryff, please tell us what you think.

Why isn't Chief Ryff firing bad officers?

Another Tempe Police Officer and liar exposed. Why is he on the Brady list and Chief Ryff isn't?

Is Arredondo who is too old for prison?

Arredondo couldn’t sleep, he had thoughts of suicide and his kidney was failing when voters elected him to the Legislature in 2010. The suicidal thoughts and anxiety were so severe that the 65-year-old Tempe Democrat was hospitalized twice in the two months before the general election, and he’s been slowly sliding into dementia while he battles a host of other physical ailments like diabetes, kidney disease, gout and arthritis, according to a sentencing memo filed in US District Court in advance of his sentencing tomorrow.
The memo, which was filed last week by his attorney, Lee Stein, argues for probation on the basis that he’s likely to suffer a complete mental breakdown in prison. Stein has argued for leniency in previous court filings on the grounds that the value of the tickets Arredondo accepted as bribes was inflated. Stein also pointed to Arredondo’s good deeds as a teacher and his community service and charity work as another reason for leniency. Arredondo is eligible for probation, but could be sentenced to a term ranging from 30 to 37 months in prison. The former legislator committed the crimes for which he was indicted while he was a Tempe city councilman and before his election in the old LD17. Despite his declining health, he missed only one day in his term at the Capitol. The most recent filings paint a picture of a man in such rapid mental decline that his wife had to quit a reading group and a church bell choir because he becomes disoriented when she is not around.
Stein wrote that doctors estimate Arredondo has a 65 percent chance of progressing to dementia in the next five years, and his best chance of slowing the progression is to be in a supportive environment with familiar faces and routine. Prison would make for a more rapid deterioration and his failing memory would set him up for unwitting violations of rules and make him an easy target for other prisoners, his lawyer argued. "A sentence of probation, home detention, and community service would be ‘more efficient and effective’ in providing Ben with necessary medical care, while still satisfying the goals of sentencing," Stein wrote. A copy of the sentencing memo can be viewed in the "documents" section. "
Poor poor Ben. At least you don't have to worry about Matyor Mark Mitchell taking your name off that park.


Tom Ryff's in trouble again!

Tom Ryff doesn't want anyone to question his actions!

Why didn't Ryff fire Trow? Why would he open that door, when we all know that behind that door, is a LONG list of Ryff's transgressions?

Lying.  Telling others to lie. Planning sex with the boys and a couple of choir girls. Or is it the other way around? I've lost track.


What we have here is a dept run by brown nosers who follow the Chief because he looks the other way when they screw up. Of course this has nothing to do with the possibility that some officer with nuts who gets fired for cause will ask to compare his screw up with the credibility of his Chief and his 1) LIES to the media, 2) LIES to the City and 3) LIES to his wife and 4) LIES to his staff and LIES . . . . . if I missed one, let me know.

I’m told that Ryff is now running the city and Charlie is under Ryff’s desk (sound of zipper) now that Arredondo has passed his secrets to Ryff. Ben will respond to the sound of a zipper if he goes to jail because his BS won’t mean shit there.


By now all of us know Ben is a crook and has been doing his bad deeds for years and years.

We wonder, who else is about to take a hit?

Hallman or  Husk?

I wonder if Husk snitched Ben to save himself?

Think Grant Woods is involved?


Shame on you Ben, but you have always had your hand out since I have known you. I'm glad you got caught, you deserve what you get. You really done well, improving the public image of Mexicans, Ryff says thanks.

Ryff, we're coming back. How's Kells doing? Do you care? You have a habit of tossing people aside when you are done with them, when was the last time you sat with Kells? Last, most of the city staff that protected you will be gone soon. We're quite sure someone will talk to us. You better hope not. How are you and Mitchell going to get along,  will he see you as you really are,  as an ass kisser of Ben and Hugh?

Charlie, Hugh went after you and missed. Are you scarred now?


You have got to read this, Tempe is looking for new officers with integrity. Why? Because they have none now?

Tempe Police Department wants "diverse leaders with integrity to serve and protect our great community," Enright said.

Holly shit, if that doesn't bring a smile and a laugh, you must be dead.

Originally, we saw comments, but AZCentral removed them, probably because they were not nice.

I wonder,  who complained?


Chandler Ass. Police Chief Dave Lind was cleared of all charges, according to more than three sources and may we give a big "thank you" to them.

Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff took a shot at Ass. Police Chief Dave Lind when Lind caused a ruckus in Tempe at a high school volleyball game.

Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff insisted on a disorderly report, then he called the Rev Oscar (I want to be MLK) Tillman and the Rev started making waves which included contacting the alledged Victim's Mother.

When asked and according to police reports we have, the Mother denied calling the Rev Tillman and had no idea who sent him to her.

Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff  then sent the case to Glendale because, he told others, it was a win-win way to handle this. If Chandler Ass. Police Chief Dave Lind was charged Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff couldn't be blamed. If Chandler Ass. Police Chief Dave Lind was cleared, then it could be construed that  Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff saved Chandler Ass. Police Chief Dave Lind's butt and maybe this feud and this site would recognize Ryff's "goodwill" effort.

Glendale wanted NOTHING to do with this case and sent it to the County Attorney and the case was quickly dropped. Later Chandler IA came out and labeled the internal complaint "unfounded".  So after 3 years, here's the updated score:

Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff = 0 for 6

Chandler Ass. Police Chief Dave Lind =1 for 1

Tempe Businessman Mark Salem = 2 for 2

Former Tempe Police Chief Ralph Trantor = 1 for 1

Newspaper Columnist Bill Richardson = 1 for 1

Tempe Citizen Eleanor Holguin = 1 for 1

Now guess who Ryff thinks run this site, is this list above sound familiar? Who is next?

Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff's total score for "HITS" in his effort to uncover and punish us,  stands at 0 for 6 !

We wrote this Oct 2011

Systematically, Ryff is biding his time and attacking one of his "targets" one by one. Ruff thinks he can quash us by applying pressure to those he thinks own or operate this site. That is a problem, because this site is the product of many, many contributors and more than a third of them surround Ryff daily. Most of what we get comes from his camp. Sometimes it is represented as news, when we know it is an attempt to burn someone with a BS story. We know who is really tired of Ryff and who isn't, don't we Charles Cobbs?

ALL of us here want to apologize to those who have been shot at by Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff because they are being blamed for what we do. It appears Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff MISSED on each attempt which we believe is either Poetic justice OR simply God knowing the truth and refusing to allow others to take a hit because Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff  thinks they are his enemy.

Then it today's paper, Charles Cobbs is City of Tempe prize winner in the adult category and guess who nominated him?

The Rev. Oscar, I wanna be MLK, Tillman.

Lets take our own look at Cobbs.

Cobbs is tied to all of the "get even" tasks Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff wants done.

Cobbs is part of the Fiesta Bowl fiasco.

Cobbs is tied to Gary Husk.

Cobbs is a liar and was fired from the Dept of Corrections for  "trying to cover up the abuse incidents".

Cobbs does not own a car, he drives a city car.

Cobbs lives in an apt and has no assets.

Cobbs has been sued by two previous landlords (2009) because of the failure to pay rent when he promised.  Take this link and you can search the background of anyone for free. The previous link is about Charles Cobbs, the timer starts at 5:58 and it rarely runs past 4:30 before you get results.

Cobbs is divorced but he "plays like a center fielder" with the women.

Charles Ray Cobbs, the son, is accused of marijuana and drug paraphernalia violations (2007 and 2008) Both times the chrgs were dropped. Did he snitch or did  Daddy get him off?

Cobbs is paid more than 50k a year.

Yes Charles Cobbs is a real winner and represents the employees of the City of Tempe real well.

Well done      Rev. Tillman        Chief Ryff      Mayor Hallman        well done!

122608 to 122611

Happy Anniversary to us,

Happy Anniversary to us,

Happy Anniversary to us and a happy new year.

Been here watching and reporting on Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff since 12/26/08, for three long years.

We'll be around until 2019 or we'll rearrange our focus if Ryff retires.

Maybe refocus on political figures.  Some of you have mentioned M. Monty or fireman Navarro or Mitchell Jr. (carbon copy of his fence sitting, two faced Dad)

Maybe we will, but most of us have church duties this month.  Really we do!


It must be OK for Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff to lie, but God help anyone else who lies.

Banks cannot lie . . .

"Officer Banks' dishonesty was confirmed via surveillance by investigators and by electronic card readers at the various Tempe Police Stations where he stated he was conducting business on certain days. (Banks) admitted to some of the misconduct, but on others he maintained that he was conducting business as he had reported, despite evidence that indicated differently."

But Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff can:

"Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff 's dishonesty was confirmed when he admitted to CBS TV5 that it was his voice on the tape where he is planning to cheat on his wife.   Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff had said earlier the tape was a fraud and the voice was not his."    Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff has never been disciplined for lying or telling another officer to lie.

"Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff 's dishonesty was confirmed  when the "missing" sexual harassment report became available and public. What Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff said this report reflected,  was quite different that what it actually reported."   Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff has never been disciplined for lying about the contents of this "missing" report.


Rec fr xxxyyyzzz@yahoo.com on December 10, 2011

Years ago Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff had an old friend that lived in north Tempe. This friend allowed Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff to use his address for a credit card Ryff used to entertain other women. The credit card was in the name of Tom Ryff and many of us saw that card. Ryff made it clear he had the bill sent to his friend’s address to keep his wife in the dark.

Many of us saw Ryff had a yellow manilla envelope in his desk drawer where he kept cash he used to play around with other women. I once saw him pull money from that envelope and say he was using it to pay his "other" credit card bill. He told others he paid his friend in cash and his friend paid his credit card with his personal check. No trail, Ryff bragged.

In my case my credit report shows credit cards I used in the 70's. I wonder if Roseann has ever seen the "Tom Ryff" credit report? I’ll bet she never has because that credit card will stand out and Ryff knows that.

Wake up Roseann go on line and order a credit report. I am one of many who are tired of seeing and hearing about Tom’s bedside heroics with women he finds while in uniform.


auto12345678@hushmail.com  writes

"Salem, Richardson and Woods are all good friends and have been since Salem and Richardson were cops together and Woods was a defense attorney."


It appears the answer to the question below is right here. 

Later on, one of the comments/bloggers about this article say: "And don't forget the costly and meaningless comedy routine (investigation?) provided by Grant Woods."

And Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff  is tied to more bad guys than Arredondo is.  Oh never mind.


Another buddy of Ryff  bites the dust.  One has to ask themselves, why is Ryff dead center among those who shows no signs of integrity?

Anyone know how close Bill Richardson is to Grant Woods? Wasn't Woods the one hired by Husk, then found nothing wrong and kicked back a good chunk of money to Husk?


reportxxxxx@yahoo.com writes

I have been a faithful follower of your website since its inception.   There have been several references to an incident involving Mark Salem.  I have searched all over the Internet for more info and cannot find it.  Can someone please elaborate on what happened?

Salem had a disturbance at his business, he punched someone who was mad about their bill. The Tempe Police served a search warrant on his business for a video tape of the assault. The charges were dropped or dismissed. No one knows what went on behind the scenes and Salem isn't talking to anyone. We know he hates Ryff and is a friend of Ralph Trantor, Bill Richardson and Dave Lind. We know he is real mad because his name is on this site, but no one here cares.  Maybe he traded information he had for the dismissal of these charges, no one knows what he had to offer.

Here is his email, ask him yourself  mark@marksalem.com .


Hello, I am trying to find out info on two Tempe detectives who mishandled our case. I had thought about contacting your website and asking this question for a while but was worried they would turn out to be people are friends of whoever I am sending this email to. Do you know of a detective by the name of Jeffery Lane or N. Galbraith. I think the second ones name is Naomi and their badge numbers are 11649 and 16044. The type of corruption that has taken place under Tom Ryff and is the kind that spreads through a company like a cancer. Thank you for your web site so the truth about him can be exposed. Thank you,  Desperately seeking answers.

Is this who you are asking about?  naomi_galbraith@tempe.gov

naomi_galbraith2.jpg (491849 bytes)

Jeff Lane, CJ'84, of Gilber, Arizona, is the public  relations officer for the Tempe Police Department. He's been married twenty years and has a daughter, Brittany, and a son, Jeffrey. Lane produces a public safety and crime-prevention television show that is also available on the Internet at www.tempe.gov/police/streetbeat.

You can google                "Naomi Galbraith"  tempe  and "Jeffrey Lane" "Tempe Police" for more information.

What did they do that made you mad?


So Lind's case was sent to Glendale, anyone know what the hell is going on over there?   If he gets charged, what will that do to the Ryff / Lind love affair? We're fishing for the up to date story.

There appears to be more than a few thoughts we've been offered,

Ryff is doing this because he thinks Lind is behind this site and he hates Lind,


Ryff is steering this case so he can be a hero when it falls apart,


Ryff got "The Great Man of God, Oscar Tillman"  involved so he won't get his hands dirty.


OK, fd2323@xxxxdt.com , thank you for your thoughtful response and questions and allowing us to clear up what we think is happening.

Former Tempe Police Chief Ralph Trantor was first reported to the FBI and was facing charges, all because of accusations made by Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff. Nothing happened because the claims were unfounded. Trantor is mad but won't talk about the specifics of his case.

Tempe Businessman Mark Salem was arrested and then charges were dropped and no one knows why because he isn't talking either.

Richardson lost his newspaper job because of Tillman and Ryff and is always under attack by Ryff and his clowns. Richardson is talking, ask him and he will tell you.

Now Chandler Assistant Chief and former friend of Ryff, Dave Lind is where he is, partly because of making a poor decision and talking supposedly in a "booming voice".  Lind isn't talking so NO ONE knows his side of the story.

Remember Ryff has accused the following people for creating and maintaining this site:

Bill, Brenda, Charlie, Dave, Eleanor, Jay, Jeff, Mark and Ralph & many more. This list was given to us by those who have heard Ryff speak out against these people !

Systematically, Ryff is biding his time and attacking one of his "targets" one by one. Ruff thinks he can quash us by applying pressure to those he thinks own or operate this site. That is a problem, because this site is the product of many, many contributors and more than a third of them surround Ryff daily. Most of what we get comes from his camp. Sometimes it is represented as news, when we know it is an attempt to burn someone with a BS story. We know who is really tired of Ryff and who isn't, don't we Charles Cobbs?


Chandler Ass. Police Chief Dave Lind, what the hell were you thinking? The bully's Mommy says she didn't call Tillman. Then who did?

Ryff + Tillman = getting even by playing the race card.

Mark Salem who owns Salem Boys Auto in Tempe walked in your shoes, Ryff went after him and charged him with "Touching with the intent to harm".

He was never convicted and the charges were dropped.

Then you, you scum, turn around an let him charge you with disorderly conduct for acting like some white Dad.

Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff must be feeling like he has captured the notorious gang members . . .

Joey (Lind) Bananas and John (Salem) Gotti

Ryff must be messing in his pants with his newest big collar!


Fan Nation -- Shaq says, "I work for Chief Tom Ryff of Tempe P.D."

Well isn't that special!


How many more of these kind of newspaper stories can the City of Tempe explain, about their "crack" Police Chief Tom Ryff? Every week it's something new.

Phx New Times -- Shaq is Post certified?

Miami New Times  -- Shaq uses Tempe crack IT staff to get even.

You have to wonder, if Shaq was the swinging pecker it appears he was, did Tempe Police Tom Ryff hook up with Shaq because he wanted to compare girlie stories with him? Is there a "party with chicks" angle here?  After all , they appear two peas of the same pod. Shaq likes to play with girls and we have Ryff bragging about his sexual adventures on tape, right? Both screwed around on their wives, what else did they do at night when they were together? Tell me is wasn't the child-porn thing the two of them liked, please tell me that isn't true.

If anyone partied with Shaq AND Ryff or heard about one of them panty parties with all the groupies that Shaq clearly had hanging around him,  we would sure like to hear your story. We may even pay for it.

Could there be a relationship between all of these great newspaper stories about Tempe and Hugh hunting down those mean boys who beat the crap out of his son on public property within the City of Tempe?

Hey Tom, we hope you don't plan on applying for a Chief's job anywhere on this globe because this site is still right up on page one of search engines.

We won't go away, until you do.

Crack Chief Ryff, you tell everyone you know who we are, maybe have Shaq call us and scare us? Here's my phone number 1-800-328-7448.


Something BIG is happening. "Ryff"    "Shaq"     "computers"    "POST"     "divorce".

That is all we can share, but we are told THIS is big and harry and very scary.

We think someone is going to get the weenie.


Take this link.   Richardson brings up some good points.  It's nice to see a calm, factual and to the point dialog. What we hate about Richardson is that he has such thick and curly   hair, but then again, he has a beak we wouldn't want to see him blow at dinner. That would be gross.


With your renewed interest in the mayor, his family and the Tempe PD you might want to re-read the police report someone sent you several months ago about the Hallman boys and the Tempe and Scottsdale PD's taking care of the mayor's business.  Can you spell cover-up?

I think so. Hugh Hallman and Tom Ryff along with his posse of pussies should  =    "C o v e r    u p".

You mean   this report?  It takes a minute to load.

This wasn't anything bad, just 3 young Hallman boys playing with one another in the pool. The two older ones tying up the younger one in a chair and tossing him into the pool.

What's the matter with that? The school thought it deserved attention, Tempe PD didn't so they turned it over to Scottsdale PD.

Had it been anyone else's kids, wouldn't  the outcome been the same, no harm, no foul?

Does anyone know for certain what Scottsdale said? Paperwork maybe sent to us?

Isn't Mrs. Olive Oyl Hallman Olive Oyl.jpg (8310 bytes)       a Doctor and isn't Hugh in charge of hundreds of young kids futures?

You must be one cynical SOB to think that Hugh and his future political aspirations could or would allow anything to occur that would remotely suggest they are shitty parents and political hacks?

In just 24 hours the vote of the last post is  a = 16     b = 2    c = 12    and    d = ALL 17


We know you guys are waiting for the truth about Hallman's son. Wasn't there a  broken jaw, an ass kicking and  on public property? At 10pm or later he was rock climbing?

Now Hug's kid doesn't want to prosecute anyone. We thought it was the State of Arizona vs Suspect #1, has anyone ever seen Eli Hallman vs Suspect #1?

It has been said that he was either up there a) peter puffing or b) doing a drug deal or c) trolling for a lover.        VOTE NOW.

Among 20-30 other "facts" that have been passed on,  we'd like to hear your take on this heinous beating of one of the best young men at ASU and in Tempe.


Hey guys: 

Saw the email Eleanor Holguin sent you from Ryff-uncircumsized (or whatever). Thought you might be interested in this email I got last year from someone claiming to be Ms. Holguin’s son, which I received over a year after publishing the original blog regarding Holguin and the “hazard” designation. I highly doubt this is her son. This has Ryff written all over it. The IP address which it came from is City of Tempe. Feel free to share it.


Subject: RE: Your article "Tempe Police Harrass Resident Eleanor
Holguin For Speaking Out About Chief"
From: <xxxxxxx@yahoo.com>
Date: Fri, May 07, 2010 11:44 pm
To: info@operation-nation.com

Hello Brian. My name is Sean. I am the son of the woman in this article. I would very much appreciate if you would either remove the article or update the article please. I will explain why. You wrote:

"I assume this 'hazard' label is a built-in excuse Tempe Police thugs use so they can show up at some 'undesirable's' home, open fire on them, then justify the murder by saying, "the person was a 'hazard' and they posed a danger to our officers."

Even though at this time in Arizona's history it couldn't feel anymore more like Nazi Germany with the new immigration laws come into place. I feel like this writing is entirely out of context to the situation. The news article is over edited and the situation is taken out of context as well. The hazard label does serve a purpose and it is not one of murder. In domestic violence situations when there are repeated reports or perhaps known drug houses the hazard label is used to protect the EMT workers in these situations. I cannot agree more that this labeling was abused. The hazard label is not used to go to any "undesirables" home and open fire on them unabated.  I cannot agree more that this was very likely  retribution against my mother. The real problem in this situation was that the quality of my grandfathers health care suffered due to the incident which you make no mention of. My mother is not a victim in this situation. Due to her diligence she has been removed from the hazard list, and this situation has been resolved. Also my grandfather whom was also in the article is currently in the ICU. Your prayers would be appreciated.

Sincerely yours,




Since I don’t know you, I’ll try and say this as tactfully as possible. We don’t just “remove” or “update” articles because someone writes in and says so. If you feel the article is “out of context,” there is a message board which you are free to voice your opinion and add your thoughts about the article.

Thank you for visiting and hope your grandfather gets better.

Brian A. Wilkins


Operation Nation and the OP-NAT EYE

PO Box 50854

Phoenix, AZ 85076


Like you, we get emails from The City of Tempe servers, here are the two most common ones and the 218 is directly from Ryff. and

Thanks for all you do to help us.


Closet queens,

You can't rest on your past accomplishments forever.

NEVER underestimate the information we have. The problem is folks are willing to tell us all they know, BUT not let us use what we can independently confirm. They are still scarred of Ryff, their jobs and their retirement. But in the next 3 years, there will be many that can talk about what they saw and what they know without the fear of retribution. We'll be around then. We think everyone knows we have credibility, we thinks what we write is true, believable and adds to our credibility.

Ryff is being nice to everyone, he can't take a chance of pissing someone off. That makes our task difficult. But sooner than later, Ryff will have to make a choice and all hell will break loose and we'll be there telling you all about it.

We knew this would play out in a few years, but we are still getting 345,133 page requests a year which is (345,133 / 365 days = 945 folks visiting us a day. We aren't the only ones watching for the other shoe to fall.

And we would prefer you address us as "Your Highness" from now on.


Bill Montgomery prides himself as being a devout Christian and family man.  He's proud to have served in combat as an officer in the U. S. Army.  He wears his service and graduation from West Point as a badge of honor.  So why would he climb in bed with Tom Ryff, a man who never served in the military, boasts of his immoral conduct, sexual conquests and lives the lie everyday?  Montgomery needs to read www.tempepolicecloset.com  and see who he's sleeping with before Ryff's dirt rubs off on him.

Link #1


If you take the link below, you will see a comment from tempepolicecloset.com.   None of us made that comment. We have hundreds of friends and who ever adopted that name, it is OK with us. However, we feel obligated to comment on your posts.  We think everyone will know what we think because we aren't shy about our opinions. But again, thanks for your support.

071911 The weeping cop story.

Don't this just make all of you that live in Tempe warm and fuzzy?  And because Ryff has so much in his closet, this Det will keep her job.


Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff  promoted Sgt Don Yennie to Commander and then sent him to Arizona Post because there is no job for him in Tempe. He has to stay in phoenix or get canned as an at-will employee.

Isn't there a promotional stop between Sgt and Commander, like Lieutenant? Is Sgt Yennie that good or was part of the promotion,  to look the other way and let Ryff play with Yennie's wife?

So which is it, he goes to Post so Tommie and Mari can play house OR it's because Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff wants Mari to be indebted to him for saving Don's job?      OR   ???????


Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff promoted Sgt. Don Yennie (see 061711 below) even though he had the lowest scores on promotional exam. Now that instills confidence.

Then Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff sent Sgt. Don Yennie to POST in Phoenix.  Far away from Tempe, Mari and Ryff.

So they can play house? Where is Moser when you need him? He should be able to smell what's going on, from where he is!


Remember the Hazard lady? The one Chief Ryff listed with all public safety staff as a hazard?  This tells the story.

Well shabazzuncircumsized@gmail.com   or aka  "Shabazz, UncircumSIZED" wrote the following to her and and she passed it on to us.

"Shouldn't you be trying to find a job? You fat fuck! Instead of sitting on your fat ass blogging about people, maybe you should quit being a parasite and taking WELFARE, and get a JOB. You also need to quit talking shit. You fucking RETARD. Look at all of your posts. All you do is attack people when you are the one who is all fucked up, with a high school education and two chins. You are a liar and I can PROVE it. God damn RETARD."

We're thinking she hit a nerve, what do you think?  We asked her for a comment and all she did is say "this is like high school, but funnier."  She also said Shabazz also signed her up to a few Gay websites.

A couple of questions are created by this email clearly from Chief Ryff or one of his "culos."

What is the difference between the Hazard lady's physical description listed above by Shabazz and the physical description of Roseanne Ryff?

All screwed up?
High school education?
Two chins?

May we add a few or our own to describe Roseanne Ryff?

Dumber than a fucking rock?

Couldn't see the truth if it was written on the inside of her eyelids?

Knows her son is a clone of her skirt chasing, lying, perverted husband.

So is it the Hispanic heritage the reason she stays with that pervert known as Chief Ryff?

Now don't go jumping on us, we didn't start this fight. We do enjoy rolling around in the mud with Tom. 

The only person the Hazard lady has been messing with is Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff and his private gang of wieners. Otherwise, who else would be writing this to her?

Next on out list of funny shit is "Olive Oil", care to guess who we are talking about?

OK now is the time to vote, who do you think shabazzuncircumsized@gmail.com really is?   At least one of us has seen his dark little bitty peter in the shower and he fits the name, uncircumcised.  What's your guess?  The votes are being tallied now!   The prize is a  picture of the REAL Uncircumcised Wiener in Ryff's gang and the face that owns that little peter.

Enter NOW!


Mari Yennie the city council assistant is a snitch for Chief Ryff. She is a direct pipeline to Ryff who uses the information against city employees, council members and even Mayor Hallman.  Yennie and Ryff are very close. Her husband Don, a police commander is very jealous and he has no idea what is really going on.



Examples of how well is Hallman running the city.

The original Tempe water treatment plant opened in the 1990s and cost about $9 million to build. A major upgrade to the plant completed in 2006 cost about $40 million.

Today June 13, 2011, Tempe is studying how long it will mothball a sewage plant that underwent a $40 million upgrade from 2003 to 2006 but has been plagued with problems since. The closure is estimated to save the city $1.5 million annually in operations and maintenance costs.

Nice work Hugh. Well planned.

Hey auto4xxxxxx@xxxxxxxx.com   still waiting for an answer!


Yes writer, we will extend our reward of up to $15,000.00 for credible and verifiable evidence that shows criminal behavior for the following people:

Charlie Meyer

Andrew Chang

Hugh Hallman or any of his kids

Michael Crusa

Harry Mitchell

Mark Mitchell

Joel Navarro

Ben Aredondo

Charles Cobbs

Kim Hale

Bannie chest key

Brandon Ryff

Justin McHood

What's the name of those 2 female councilmen? Did we miss anyone?

Yes, we will also pay for who is screwing who. Find a trusted lawyer and have him get with us. Or have your wife do it.


Here is Chief Tom Ryff talking to the public about the recent arrest of another Tempe Police Officer.

“This circumstance is most unfortunate for the Tempe Police Department and the law enforcement community,” Chief of Police Tom Ryff stated.  We are committed to the highest standards and will ensure that in partnership with the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, that Mr. Campbell is held accountable both criminally and administratively for his violation of public trust. This misconduct is certainly not consistent with the professional standards and practices demonstrated by Tempe Police employees on a daily basis.  As law enforcement employees, trust and accountability are of paramount importance.”


We can say that the tamest commentaries said, "Holy Shit", while the rest of you commented in such a way that we simply laughed our ass off.  This is the funniest damn thing that comes out of his mouth, yet what is unknown,  is this:  who in the world is writing this shit for him!

Ryff was also heard to suggest that "   . . . the exchange of fluids between two consenting Tempe Police employees
is appropriate and acceptable as long as neither the Chief or the female Det. says " I love you."

051711                   The Fiesta Bowl fiasco started and ended in Tempe and most all of the players were from Tempe.

Let's start by identifying all "the players" !

Tempe Police Chief Tom "Dick and Harry" Ryff

Lobbyist Gary Husk

Attorney Grant Woods

Ben Arredondo

Charles Cobbs

Harry Mitchell

All are from the "City of Temptation (Tempe)"

Ryff is a pervert, he cheats on his wife and has admitted that, he is a liar and he ordered subordinates to lie.

Gary Husk works for Ryff and is tied to the Fiesta Bowl fiasco. He appears to be a liar.

Ryff  brags that Grant Woods is his attorney. Woods is tied to the Fiesta Bowl fiasco. He appears to be a liar.

Ryff  brags he has hired Grant Woods to get us.

Ryff and Ben Arredondo are Mexican blood brothers. Arredondo was the big push behind having Ryff be our first Hispanic Police Chief.

Ben Arredondo is is tied to the Fiesta Bowl fiasco. He appears to be a liar.

Ben Arredondo is a friend of Gary Husk.

Charles Cobbs works for Ryff and he is a liar. See 012611 below.   We've been told  "Charles Cobbs makes $10,000 a year more than Molly Enright and shouldn't." "Cobbs has a special female friend on the city council who has taken a special interest in Ryff's assistant Cobbs".

Harry Mitchell was rejected by Tempe voters, and appears to be dirty in the Fiesta Bowl fiasco.

Tempe Mayor Hugh (my kids are perfect (assholes)) Hallman ? ---

Mark Mitchell ?  --- Wonder what is in his closet?

Tempe Fireman and City Councilman for Tempe, Joel Navarro -- Closet.com gets this, "Check out the Maricopa County Superior Court website.  Go to the Family Court section and check Joel Navarro's name.  Be sure to read the minute entries.  Supposedly his girlfriend and his new baby's momma sent a letter to city hall about Navarro wanting her to get an abortion to protect Joel's career.  That letter would be a public record to confirm the story.  It's obvious from the court record she had to sue him and involve the AZ Dept. of Economic Security to force him to accept responsibility for the baby.   What a pig.  Navarro treats women like Ryff."

Sheriff Joe Arpaio ?  --- Do we need to say a thing? Is Ryff or Hallman drinking the Arpiao's kool-aid?

Arpiao's stooge, David Hendershott ? --- Could Ryff be the illegitimate Son of Hendershott's?

Can you link Hallman or Ryff to anyone who has been on the front page lately?

If you have a newspaper link to tie each of the above statements, send it to us.

It sure looks like those past and present leaders had their hands out, palm up, for quite some time. 

It sure looks like our past and present leaders sure ate and partied well on our backs.


Was Gary Husk and Grant Woods
REALLY members
of Tom Ryff's inner circle?

Hugh, is that something you're really proud of?

Who's your Daddy . . . Ryff?

How about we up the reward for verifiable pictures that would show us the real Ryffster?

Or emails, or reports or any documents?

Up to $15,000 REWARD

For information about activities of Tom Ryff that bring embarrassment to the City of Tempe.

Ladies, just a note, with a story you have first hand knowledge about, can earn you big dollars.

Many of you have been told all of your e-mails to us are in the possession
of the authorities . . . BULLSHIT 100% BULLSHIT

We are back and meaner than before.



There is a reason for our madness, but we would sure like to hear from you

about what you heard about our absence.


WOW is all we can say!

Chart below changes daily as we add new information and fix links.

Jan  2011 We are being told that Ryff has a new IT guy and he has hired him to find us. This IT guy has been walking around the PD telling everyone he is working for Ryff and apparently has the run of the place. He is identified as Justin McHood.            Justin_McHood.jpg (9015 bytes)
010711 www.TomRyff.com is purchased, created and posted. Justin McHood was the webmaster.
010911 www.TempePoliceCloset.net   is purchased, created and posted.  They make it look like a sister of Closet.com and they say they have what it takes to expose Ryff and they want the 10k reward. Justin McHood was the webmaster.
010911 and for 5-10 days afterwards.  Closet.com gets 30+ emails warning us this is Tom Ryff trying to get us to meet with him so he can identify us. They say he will promise you the world and insist on a face to face meeting to exchange the trash.  No need to worry about us, we knew about this 5 days ago.
020211 Justin McHood begins his PR campaign for Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff.
020811 Hallman starts playing with council agenda. "Pursuant to the City Council Rules of Procedures, the Mayor has the discretion to add items to the agenda. This item was added at the Mayor’s request." 
021011 Eleanor Holguin speaks at council about Cobbs being fired.
021611 Hallman takes a beating when Richardson and Holguin complain in writing how Hallman is treating Holguin.
022311 www.MarkSalem.net is purchased but no one has ever seen it up and running.
022411 Eleanor Holguin speaks at council.
022411 Mark Salem is told by shabzzuncircumcised@gmail.com that they now own www.MarkSalem.net  and sent Salem to the same BBC sperm website.
022511 www.EleanorHolguin.com  is purchased, created and posted.  Justin McHood was the webmaster.
022611 Eleanor Holguin is sent to a pornographic BBC site about the taste of sperm. She is also directed to the site that has her name. She will see "her" website for the first time.
022711 www.EleanorHolguin.com . The closet.com is told about this website being up and showing pictures  Eleanor Holguin's children as Mongoloids, which is not true.
022811 Closet.com   posts "Welcome to the mudhole Tom. We've been waiting for you."
022811 Eleanor Holguin writes to Charlie Meyer and Andrew Ching about "her" website.
030211 www.EleanorHolguin.com website is taken off the net by Justin McHood.
030311 Here is where it gets fun.

Bill Richardson gets this email "Someone has asked to reset the password for the following site and username. http://tempepolicecloset.net. Username: admin.   To reset your password visit the following address, otherwise just ignore this email and nothing will happen.
http://tempepolicecloset.net/wp-login.php?action=rp&key=kayM9FcVNpjqRp9svQFi&login=admin Username: admin Password: 4EpVSW9oZvK)

Richardson sends this to a friend and asks them what does this mean?

The friend sends this e-mail to us. We reply,  "This is the keys to the front door of Closet.net. We decided to take the link, sign in as "admin"  and then we found the owner of this site was listed as Bill Richardson. So we left the owner as Richardson, but we changed the password to a very technical one.

AND OH BY THE WAY, while we were there we had some fun. We removed Richardson's picture and Holguin's picture too.  We renamed the site "Tempe Trash" and left the pictures of Hallman and Ryff up. We left the Closet.net site looking damn funny.

Behind the scenes, Closet.com had already exposed Justin McHood's creation of all the rogue websites. So Ryff or McHood decided to ditch the Closet.net and sign it over to Richardson to make it look like Richardson was the owner. Well that backfired when we got involved and changed the site.

Closet.net was removed from the web in 18 hrs after we changed it.  Because they did not have the password, GoDaddy would only talk to the credit card holder who had paid for all of these sites. That was either McHood or Ryff. There is a credit card trail.

Ryff had to be shitting and getting because we took over his site and we knew McHood was the webmaster and he wanted no part of all of these rogue sites. So he thinks he can pin this on Richardson.

Is Ryff just fucking dumb or what?

030411 Email discussion --   the relationship btw Kim Hale & Justin McHood,  "Tax lien on Kim Hale.  How does the head of Detectives keep his job with a tax lien?"
030411 Closet.com gets this.   "Joel Navarro got a woman pregnant and demanded she get an abortion.  She refused and sent a letter to the Tempe mayor and other city council members. The Superior Court website says Navarro is a respondent and petitioner in a couple of Family Court cases.  The woman involved in both cases is Shanda Lee Seitz.   Seitz's Facebook page.      The case numbers are FC2010-006568 and FC2010-006240.  The cases have been consolidated.  Navarro has been on of Ryff's biggest defenders.  Wonder why?

Shanda, we sure would like to hear from you, PLEASE?            Those of you on FB, ask Shanda to get with the guys at www.TempePoliceCloset.com

030411 Closet.com gets this from our IT dept.   "Re  tomryff.com,   the user account at the hosting company is named jmchood.  Do some research and I bet it leads you to
justinmchood.com "  (which by the way, he uses wordpress TO MAKE ALL OF THESE WEBSITES)
030411 Closet.com gets this, " Here's your connection.  McHoods wife is in the real estate business with a Kim Hale.  Is that the Kim Hale from Tempe PD? If so Hale is the biggest suck ass in Ryff posse."
030511 www.TempePoliceCloset.com identifies that all 3 website (Closet.net, TomRyff.com and EleanorHolguin.com)  are purchased and were made using the same code and format.  JMcHood is the webmaster of all 3.
030511 Email info -- Ron Coleman was reassigned to the PD from the Water Dept. as Ryff's Exec. Assist. during the downsizing process.  Well, he had enough of Ryff's BS and quit a few weeks ago without having another job lined up.    He said his health was suffering and he went in and gave his two week notice.  Ryff told him he could leave in a day and he did.   How bad can it be to quit your job, walk from your benefits and pension plan with no back up plan?  Ryff has gone though four executive assistants.   He hand picked his own assistant who couldn't tolerate his BS and threats and applied to take her old position via a demotion.  They had another kid in there and then Ron Coleman.   He's now on his 5th executive assistant. 
030611 http://www.squidoo.com/lensmasters/jmchood   Look, McHood is bragging about setting up Tom Ryff's website, can he be any dumber?
But here is something bigger, McHood handles  Ryff's Twitter account!
030711 We've been told that Eleanor Holguin filed a police report with Tempe alleging  13-2316 - Computer tampering. We've been told who wrote the report, you know he has a story that will make you laugh your ass off. We wonder WHO will tell Ryff he is now listed as a suspect?  IR# 11-035473 but don't look at it, they are watching the traffic at that IR.
030711 Closet.com gets this, "Check out the Maricopa County Superior Court website.  Go to the Family Court section and check Joel Navarro's name.  Be sure to read the minute entries.  Supposedly his girlfriend and his new baby's momma sent a letter to city hall about Navarro wanting her to get an abortion to protect Joel's career.  That letter would be a public record to confirm the story.  It's obvious from the court record she had to sue him and involve the AZ Dept. of Economic Security to force him to accept responsibility for the baby.   What a pig.  Navarro treats women like Ryff."
030811 Ryffster, you hire a friend of Kim Hales to do your dirty work and you call him your IT guy.  He is in the middle of a nasty divorce and we will soon have contact with his ex. You tell him what to do, then when he is exposed, you come up with a plan to blame Richardson. That backfires, so you pull all 3 sites and hide.

Ex Mrs McHood, please get with us, we will pay you for what you have heard and what you know.

We aren't done with you or  Hale or Navarro or  Hallman. We'll expose the closets of everyone around you until you are naked and GONE.

You're playing with the big boys and girls and we aren't afraid of you. We are smarter, we are better, we have better IT people and we can do what we want because we are no longer at risk of a polygraph or an internal investigation. But soon, Hallman and Charlie will decide this war of integrity has taken too many victims and they will figure out a way to get rid of you.

  Everyone else, we told you there was no wire, no tap and trace, no IT expert, no State or Federal investigation.

Those were lies Ryff told to scare you and keep you quiet. What ELSE do we have to do to gain your trust?



Look at these two examples of default webpage code.

A   <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"             "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-strict.dtd">
B   <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd">

A   <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" dir="ltr" lang="en-US">
B   <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" dir="ltr" lang="en-US" xml:lang="en-US">

A   <head profile="http://gmpg.org/xfn/11">
B   <head profile="http://gmpg.org/xfn/11">

A   <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />
B   <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />

A   <title>Tempe Police Closet: Tempe Police Closet Part 2</title>
B   <title>Tom Ryff — Tom Ryff: Tempe, Arizona Chief Of Police</title>

A   <meta name="robots" content="noodp, noydir" />
B   <meta name="robots" content="noodp,noydir" />

The top line (A) of each pair is from Tempe Police Closet .NET

The second line (B) of each pair is from Tom Ryff.com

Does the fact they are almost exactly the same,  suggest the idiot Tempe Police Tom Ryff recently hired as his IT prick,  used the same page coding to build both websites?

Does looking at the construction of the new Tom Ryff.com website tell us anything?

Does comparing that construction to the NEW Tempe Police Closet .NET tell us anything?

Can you say P.C.?


Welcome to the mudhole Tom. We've been waiting for you.


13692 writes:

Tom, you need to remember what happened to your ex-best friend Chief Ralph Tranter.  It was the one's closet to him,  that did him in.  Low life's like you, fat boy Kerby Rapp and the lesbian mafia stabbed Tranter in the back. 

You've surrounded yourself with many of the same people and added Scooter Smith and Charles Cobbs.  The f**king you're about to get will from those closest to you,     will be a royal one.

Picture this, Brenda Buren as Assistant City Manager over public safety and Chief Fran Santos sitting in your office laughing her ass off thinking about you being   jobless and friendless.

And while she's laughing,  your boy Cobbs will be treating Fran like a queen and making sure he has job.   You have every right to be paranoid.   There are people out to get you.

13785 writes:

Tommy boy has bragged he has an in at the Arizona Republic that protects him from critics and only prints good things about him. He might finally be telling the truth about something.  After a couple of people posted comments about Tommy’s fake award from his old friend Alberto Gutier the Republic promptly took down the negative comments.

So we should remind Alberto  agutier@azgohs.gov   where he can read about himself and his best buddy Tom "Dick and Harry" Ryff.

Who is this women?

Who is this?



This is a "Holly Shit" minute for us.

Thank you to those who are finally allowing us to verify and print what you know and find !

Brandon.jpg (4189 bytes)

Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff son, Brandon Ryff, beat his girlfriend up and then he filed for a restraining order against the woman he beat up.

Like father like son.

Women are there to be used and abused by the Ryff boys.

Tempe Police Chief to receive top award.

Tempe Police get award.

Wonder if Alberto Gutier, director of the AZ Governor's Office of Highway Safety, knows the Ryffs the way we know the Ryffs? Shouldn’t someone tell him? If you have an email address for him we will.


13686 writes:

Watch this video.  If it says "Connecting . . . "  for too long, hit refresh.

Watch behind Hallman at the beginning of this City of Tempe video.  You will see Cobbs walk up to someone holding a baby and then kiss that someone. 

Who is holding that baby? Whose baby is that? Are you sure? Is that Cobbs "protector"?


13667 writes:

Go ahead and sue Tom.

Do you really want to explain your past acts of misconduct, philandering, intoxication, dishonesty and perverting the system under oath in a deposition?

You think Roseann and your kids know everything you've done?

Wait until after a week long deposition and then your wife, kids, employees, bosses, the newspapers, TV stations and other chiefs will know everything about you.

You're already a threat to Hugh Hallman's political future.

Wait until everything you've done since he made you chief of police comes out. Can anyone say hot tub?

Hugh will look like a bigger fool than you are.

And don't forget all of your friends who will be called in for a deposition? Do you think they want their wives, girlfriends, husbands, boyfriends and children know what perversions they've been involved with you.

Husbands??? Are you speaking about the wife, now ex-wife, that dominates the conversation behind the scenes?

It has been reported that everything about her is bullshit so it's kind of hard to separate facts from bragging. But at least one is known to admit the act.

OK Tom or Cobbs,  want to comment now?


You guys are going to get sued for calling everyone a pervert.  13444

Read this, then tell us we cannot exercise our right of free speech:


"Although it can refer to varying forms of deviation, it is most often used to describe sexual behaviors that are seen by an individual as abnormal, repulsive or obsessive."

"A pervert as a sexual term was derived in 1896, and applied originally to variants of sexualities or sexual behavior rejected by the individual who used the term."

So using pervert to describe Chief Tom Ryff is our right because what we think is incorporated into the definition.

OK Cobbs? By the way, did someone help you write that sentence?


May I chime in?

We appreciate what the doctor had to say about Chief Ryff's  narcissism. Those of us who know and have worked with Chief Ryff for 20 years know him also to be extremely paranoid.   This information describes Chief Ryff's other serious personality disorder.

Paranoid personality disorder is a psychiatric condition in which a person is very distrustful and suspicious of others.


People with paranoid personality disorder are highly suspicious of other people. They are usually unable to acknowledge their own negative feelings towards other people.
Other common symptoms include:

Concern that other people have hidden motives
Expectation that they will be exploited by others
Inability to work together with others
Poor self image
Social isolation

Possible Complications

Extreme social isolation
Potential for violence


How well do you know Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff?   Does any of the following apply to the Tom Ryff you know?

  1. Believing that you're better than others
  2. Fantasizing about power, success and attractiveness
  3. Exaggerating your achievements or talents
  4. Expecting constant praise and admiration
  5. Believing that you're special and acting accordingly
  6. Failing to recognize other people's emotions and feelings
  7. Expecting others to go along with your ideas and plans
  8. Taking advantage of others
  9. Expressing disdain for those you feel are inferior
  10. Being jealous of others
  11. Believing that others are jealous of you
  12. Trouble keeping healthy relationships
  13. Being easily hurt and rejected
  14. Having a fragile self-esteem
  15. Appearing as tough-minded or unemotional

If you see Ryff has more than half of the 15 symptoms, then one reader who deals in NPD or Narcissistic Personality Disorder says he fits the mold.

What are the chances he has NPD?  Thanks Doctor, what brought you to our closet?


13311 says "Its important to mention Cobbs and Molly have the same job and Cobbs has a city car to drive to and from work in

from his home in Phoenix.  Molly rides the city circulator bus from her home in Tempe.  Why doesn;t the woman get the same salary

and perks as Tom's drinking, fishing and philandering friend?  Women have always been subservient in Ryff's eyes.


13284 says "Charles Cobbs makes $10,000 a year more than Molly Enright.

Cobbs has a special female friend on the city council who has taken a special interest in Ryff's assistant.

Some think Cobbs is following orders from Ryff to get close to this woman. "

Hey 13284, we lost contact, but maybe someone can name the "special female freiend".


13266  writes, "Is covering something up the same as lying?

We posed this to the group and all of us say in order to cover something up, you have to lie about your knowledge or what you saw, heard or knew.

We know Ryff lied to the FBI about someone secretly taping him then later admitting he taped himself and it was his voice on the tape.

Cobbs is also a liar and was fired for "trying to cover up the abuse incidents".

Hallman has Cruza, he was involved in the AZSCAM case and sang like a canary after getting caught.  He was accused of lying. But Hugh "the damn mayor" Hallman has decided to let him run Tempe. He has been investigated for domestic violence.  Maybe by TPD?

Ryff - liar

Cobbs - liar

Cruza - liar

Is Charlie's staff lilly white?

Then we get this.



41-1828.01. Required law enforcement agency reporting

A. A law enforcement agency, A LAW ENFORCEMENT EMPLOYEE ASSOCIATION OR A GROUP WITHIN A LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY THAT REPRESENTS THE INTERESTS OF PEACE OFFICERS may report to the board any peace officer misconduct in violation of the rules for retention established pursuant to section 41-1822, subsection A, paragraph 3 at any time and shall report this misconduct on the 10 peace officer's termination, resignation or separation from the agency.

Before, evidentially only a law enforcement agency could report police misconduct BUT THIS House Bill changes that to " . . .  A LAW ENFORCEMENT EMPLOYEE ASSOCIATION OR A GROUP WITHIN A LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY THAT REPRESENTS THE INTERESTS OF PEACE OFFICERS.

This proposed change allows unions or the FOP of even the TOA to make a complaint.

Bet Ryff will be nice to you guys for awhile, he can't afford to shake the trees, can he?


Take a look at this, is this just another example of Ryff surrounding himself with folks who specialize in cover-ups?  It must be pretty special to have someone like this working as your cover man, with no experience, what else would Cobbs be good for?  Oh yea, he is the Negro connection to NOBLE and that and the Latinos cops association pretty much guarantees Tom "Dick and Harry" Ryff can deflect any criticism because he is Mexican or part black or has "alot of Black friends".


DOC People Fired, 2 for Abuse Allegations By The Associated Press via the Casa Grande Dispatch

PHOENIX (AP) - Eight employees of the Arizona Department of Corrections have been fired over two incidents involving alleged abuse of prisoners. The incidents occurred in August at the Flamenco Hall facility in east Phoenix and in September at the Arizona State Prison Complex- Florence, department spokesman Michael Arra said Friday.

Arra said the firings were not made public at the time "because they seemed routine and did not appear to be serious cases of abuse, although abuse was involved." He said Sgt. Billy Burch, an officer at Flamenco Hall, was fired after an inmate complained Burch had thrown an object at him, and that Officer Ben Bartz was dismissed after he was accused of striking an inmate at the Florence prison.

Four officers at Flamenco and two officers at Florence were fired for trying to cover up the abuse incidents, Arra said. He identified the Flamenco officers as John Bradley, Charles Cobbs, Don Diggs and Lloyd Camerson. Arra said one of the officers accused of being involved in a cover-up at Florence was William Thompson. He did not know the name of the other.

We paid $100 for this link, http://casagrandepl.newspaperarchive.com/ and use these search words         Cobbs    prison   fired       for 1986. Well WTF do we have here?


Check this out http://tomryff.com .  Try and find these words or phrases on his new site.

"family values"




Why can't they use these important adjectives to describe Chief Tom "dick and harry" Ryff.

Could he be planning a run for public office? We sure hope so!

Google               tom ryff          or            what a pervert             or          tempe police         or any group of words and our message dominates the first page.

The beauty of www.tomryff.com is before, when we came up on the FIRST search page, there were no other options that explained who Tom Ryff was or is.

Now that he has purchased www.tomryff.com    he is on the same first page and that makes us happy because now everyone will know who the hell Tom Ryff is. When you google Tom Ryff, what a pervert is or tempe police,   his new propaganda page will pop up along with 5 other sites that expose the real Tom Ryff.

We've even captured his metatags

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />
<title>Tom Ryff — Tom Ryff: Tempe, Arizona Chief Of Police</title>
<meta name="description" content="Tom Ryff: Tempe, Arizona Chief Of Police" />
<meta name="robots" content="noodp,noydir" />

. . . so we have the same ones so we will be along side him forever. We intend to make sure we are always there to share the tape and other facts when people start looking for Tom.

Note, REWARD changed from $5,000 to "up to $10,000"

for any picture, verifiable story, official paperwork

that proves Ryff is a liar and/or is still hunting ladies.


We never understood the Cobbs appointment, until now.

Center of picture, to the right of the Dam Mayor

Cobbs2.jpg (17710 bytes)

Remember Cobbs rents an apartment, then gets behind, then waits until he is tossed, then starts over again.

In late 2006, Tempe reached out to their leadership and selected Police Chief Tom Ryff. Right from the onset he challenged employees to embrace change and he sought to reorganize the department. Chief Ryff quickly selected NOBLE member Charles Cobb to serve as part of his executive leadership team. And now part of his reorganization included the promotion of Officer Jeff Glover to Sergeant. Sgt. Glover has become the second African American (ever) to reach the rank of sergeant in Tempe. Chief Ryff looked at NOBLE to help him develop, mentor, and prepare Officer Glover. In September 2009, Chief Ryff invited NOBLE Regional VP Andre Anderson to his executive chambers where he and his command staff formalized the promotion of Sgt. Jeff Glover, Arizona Doeg Nelson NOBLE member.

Ryff sought to change and reorganize . . . so his posse could have all the females for themselves?

Ryff looked at NOBLE to mentor him? What does that say about NOBLE's focus?

Up to $15,000 REWARD

for pictures of Tom Ryff and females in Mexico on fishing trips.

Have your lawyer get with us, we will pay cash for the pictures that show what we've been told they show.

Happy new year 2011.

Last - during a search on Harman and Kells, here is a 2008 conversation on an police officer forum,  between a lady and someone who knows Harman:

She says :

Cat   I'm Cat....trying to reach my LEO dream :) 

Hey all,

Wanted to pop in and introduce myself. My name is Cat, I currently reside in Arizona. I am originally from Michigan (grew up outside of Detroit). Attained my BA in criminal justice from Michigan State Univeristy (GO SPARTANS!) and my MA in criminal justice from Arizona State University.

I'm currently in the hiring process with an agency in the valley. It has been going great so far!

I am a runner, triathlete, and cyclist, so I am in crazy good shape and ready to handle what the academy can throw at me DESPITE my little size.

Someone who knows Harmon responds:

Welcome Cat, if you get on with Tempe look up Ken Harmon, he is a vet there and teaches at the IPTM out there (Florida). THI stuff, good guy though. Welcome to the forum.

So the "female hunt" continues and IPTM is still a common link.

123010 The survey says . . .

"It's gotta be the uniform. I don't see any other reason why anybody would screw these two bozos"

"Jesus Christ that is the infamous Dan Kells? I'll bet the girls he got, he paid for"

The hits on this site just went from 855 a day to over 3,000. Most writers won't allow their comments to be printed, please reconsider, because many of them are so funny.


OK ladies. time to vote. I know this is hard, but try anyway.

Which one has the clap? 

Which one deserves the clap?

Can anyone give us a clue how these guys get laid?

 Chief Tom RyffDan Kells.jpg (70504 bytes)Ken Harmon.jpg (98096 bytes)

                          Perv #1 Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff              Perv #2 Tempe Sgt Dan Kells                Perv #3 Tempe Sgt Ken Harmon


Can anyone pull that picture of Kells off the Tempe Republic page, scan it and send it to us? We would like to showcase Kells and Ryff side by side, then maybe ask our female visitors to vote on each of them.  tpc@tempepolicecloset.com  OR  tempepolicecloset2013@hushmail.com


Whoever the hell you are, Merry Christmas. According to my calendar, you Tom Ryff hackers were born near Decemeber 22, 2008.  I silenty cheer for you.  It is interesting, exciting and entertaining to watch you roast Tom and then know that after all you say about him, there is nothing he can do about it.  Happy birthday and Keep up the good work and we will continue to check in once a week. PF and GS

We did start on 122308. Thank you and remember, always spell check!  ;)

121710 Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman is talking out of both sides of his face and appears to be a liar of gigantic proportions.

In the Tempe Republic, on page 3, it says, " A three-year study aimed at improving transportation options south of the light rail line has culminated in a plan to fund a $160 million streetcar-transit project that would travel roughly along Mill Avenue between Southern Avenue and Rio Salado Parkway. If federal funding for the project is approved , the streetcar would be operating in late 2016.

Tempe officials hope the project will spur economic development along the 2.6 mile rail line that would travel through downtown Tempe and south toward U.S. 60. Tempe officials have pointed to the new business development that Portland and Seattle experienced after building a streetcar as evidence of how Tempe would benefit from following that transit model.

With sales tax revenue down across the Valley, Tempe does not have money to fund operations. As part of a three-year plan to deal with the sales-tax revenue decline and make the city's transit system more sustainable, Tempe has made widespread transportation cuts, which have included limiting bus and free Orbit shuttle services. Meetings to gather public feedback on additional cuts are planned for early next year."

Then Hallman says, he was in favor of the legislation because it would create economic growth in the area at no cost to the city.

In the Tempe Republic, on page 4, Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman is quoted as saying, " Our legislators have got to take responsibility for the unintended consequences of creating uncertainty in our markets"

Can anybody be that stupid?

Streetcars for 160 million? Isn't that $1,000 an inch or 11,655 a foot or $61,538,461.51($61.5 million) a mile?  Why not pave Mill Ave in gold?

We need streetcars more than cops and fireman?    Streetcars for 160 million, after this economic mess we are in?

It isn't hard to spend other people's money, is it Hugh?

One more thing. Someone wanted to ask you Hugh,  you say only the Grand Canyon has more visitors than your lake.

Others say, " Critics argue that it's fiscally irresponsible to pay nearly $3 million annually to maintain a manmade lake. Others are outraged that a state amid a record drought would consider pouring nearly 1 billion gallons of water into a lake that in dry years loses about half its water to evaporation."

Tempe says, 'Last year, city reports based on tourism data estimated that visitors to the lake have spent $118.2 million in the state on hotels, food, entertainment and other expenses.

The paper writes, "Marathons, concerts and festivals are among the more than 100 events that are held at Tempe Town Lake each year, drawing nearly 2.8 million people and making the lake one of Arizona's most-visited attractions."

So a writer,  who says they work for the city of Tempe, writes:

2.8 million visitors divided by 365 days a year =   7,671 people, a day, that visit the lake. So there is an average of 320 visitors AN HOUR, 24 hours a day?  Right?

Hugh, where are these 7,671 visitors a day hiding? You're saying the lake visitors will fill Sun Devil Stadium every 9 days?

100 events and 2.8 million visitors means an average of 280,000 people at each event, again enough to fill Sun Devil Stadium 4 times?

Has anyone ever seen Tempe filled with 280,000 thousand people walking around?  Doesn't the whole city just have 175,523 people living in here?

Are you counting the people in cars on the 202 looking out their windows?  Are you counting the people in airplanes that fly over?

One would think these visitors would spend hundreds of dollars a day for lodging, food and entertainment.

According to Tempe Mayor  Hugh Hallman mayor since 2004, he says there is 118.7 million dollars spent by visitors of the lake. So if we divided that by 2.8 million visitors, each visitor spent on the average of $42.39.

WOW Hugh, your lake is sure bringing in the big spenders!

Your visitor numbers and your income or sales numbers are pure bullshit Hugh.

With the exception of an special event, your lake has NEVER seen 7,671 visitors a day or 320 an hour or 2.8 million visitors annually.

Hallman, you have to be an idiot. There is no way 2.8 million people visit your lake UNLESS your crack staff is counting the people on the 202 looking out their car windows AND the people looking out airplane windows as they prepare to land.

Did Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff arrange this visitor count?

121310 Tempe Police Tom "Pervert" Ryff knows what "preyed upon" means.

In the Tempe Republic, Dec 11, 2010,  Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff said, "   . . . were truly preyed upon by these felons."  He was referring to the two ASU students that were recently killed on his watch.

And we all know that Chief Tom Ryff knows the definition of "preyed upon."   Time and time again, Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff has shown he preys upon other women to have sex outside his marriage or in his words,  sport fu**ing.


Yes, we've heard all the rumors about we are under investigation, phone taps, pen registers and the FBI is involved and we will all be arrested soon.  We know why you are worried, but take it from us, all of these  rumors are bullshit. They are there to scare you. I was told last Friday by an officer that he never writes to us, but I know different. When I asked, he said no one does, everyone is too scarred. That's fine, but we are still here and we're not going anywhere. Sooner or later you will find out TRyff   floated a turd and many of you bit.



3481   we’re willing to listen and maybe share.

Lisa, we miss you.

JLTY, no.

Garri, thanks but we can’t and won't

ekim, calm down we answered you, look in spam under 55555

Last, take this link, it will take you to a site where you can type in a website name and see who owns it and when it expires. Type in     tempepolicecloset       and you can clearly see someone just paid to keep this site open another 10 years. Thank to whoever paid this for us, what a nice Christmas present. We did ask a few of our regular visitors and it appears one of them decided to make our day.

We'll be around for a few years Hugh. We're gearing up to make sure everyone know who you are . . . really.


Just last month or so ago one of our guys (a Tempe officer) got suspended for 40 hours for having sex on duty and not taking his calls. What gives? Blanchard should have fought the case and called Chief Ryff to testify about how his sexual escapades that got him promoted. Rumor has it Ryff has a very special friend at city hall. Boy or girl, no one seems to know, but whoever it is they've got Ryff's backside.    Chief Ryff  is a pervert with a badge.


Some of you asked, "Where were you during the last election?"  We decided the people weren't worth the effort, beside we were right, folks turned out the turds with the exception of Meg Cahill, who is still on the public tit at four times her previous salary.

However, based on who will be running in two years, you can bet your last dollar, we'll be there to chime in on Hallman because of his stable of pussys  Ryff, Chang and Meyer. Hallman's political future / failure is on our radar screen.

Here's reason #1, Hallman is a liar.


Jim, we think of you as collateral damage. You just happened to be in the right place at the wrong time. We felt you possessed the same "teflon" exterior that Ryff has displayed all of his career. So behind the scenes, we fought like hell,  trying to decide to roast you or toast you.

The vote was to toast you because you are a clone of Ryff, who carries the beaver pelts around on his belt to show off his conquests. A few of us like you, a few of us don’t. Speaking of beaver pelts, hey Jenn, we'd like to hear from you as well.

Jim, we recognize your moving is an attempt to start over and we want you to know that once you get the hell out of Tempe, we are planning to move you shit off this site. We intend to remove all meta tags of you, about you and pointing to you. We hope you understand, this is a peace offering from all of us and we want nothing in return. The example you set will effect others who may think about screwing around on their spouses, thinking it’s cool and no one will ever know.

On the other hand, once you leave, if you want to clear your soul (so to speak), feel free to contact us. We've never heard from you and we would like to hear your side of the story. We will only print what you say we can and no one but me will see it, unless you say I can share.

We intend to keep "Tom, Thomas, Ryff", on our meta tag list so from now until 2050, so everyone will know all we can provide about the great playboy, Thomas J. Ryff who was ½ Mexican, 3/4 stupid, took a blue pill every morning and apparently is a little short in the stamina area and short was used to describe other physical characteristics.

Why hasn’t Roseanne left him?

Why has Hugh (the dam Mayor of Tempe) and Charlie (Hugh’s puppet and Tempe City Manager) kept him? The only reasonable answer is they are in awe of Ryff’s stories of his conquests and hope someday, to get that late night call to participate in Ryff’s perverted life.


If you aren't readings some of the blogs about Tempe and the killings, you are missing out. One writer says,

"The Tempe Cops couldn't catch the clap at a border town whore house."

Another writes:

"Tom's guilt comes from his inability to come to grips with his own latent homosexuality and hate for women. The time has come for Tom to come out of the closet and live the life God meant for him to have. "

Then another writes:

"Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff, in his guilt ridden and socoiopathic mindset, is too busy investigating and undermining the critics of his failed leadership to be concerned with major operational issues. Within the PD he is known as the ghost who is rarely seen, and through his assistants only promotes the same ambiguous and vague doctrine to the committees which he delegated decision making and leadership.

Their spokesperson mitigated the most recent murder by saying crime is actually down as if things aren't that bad. In response to public concern he declared two days later that one murder is too many. The entire department has apparently taken on Chief Ryff's paranoid and defensive posture to anything seemingly critical of their actions."


Just keep sending me the links where these jewels are posted and we will keep combining all of them in one place.


This is fun.  Take this link and you can search the background of anyone for free. The previous link is about Charles Cobbs, the timer starts at 5:58 and it rarely runs past 4:30 before you get results. It will take just a few minutes to gather the data and when it displays all of the files related to Cobbs. It appears Cobbs can't keep up with his bills.

Search for Gary Husk. He is the statutory agent for the Latino Peace Officer's Assoc, does that answer a few questions?

Search for anyone's name you want.


We have no idea why these links are important, but they have been sent to us by others. Maybe they are confused about what we are here for?

Camp trailer for sale

Wood play house for sale

Pool table and furniture for sale

2003 HD 100 anniversary edition cycle for sale

Hummer for sale

Does the last one listed above, refer to a noun or a verb?


It wasn't a bomb threat because the FBI doesn't handle bombs. IF it was a bomb threat, then why would you take staff to the council chambers where Hallman's castle may fall on them?  If this was danger, why house staff so close?

Under what circumstances would they need city hall empty? Why not do their search on a weekend or at night? Why during the day? We know, do you? Who knows for sure it was the FBI? Who saw the ones left alone in city hall?

This should improve the one way flow of communication. But then again, we've been wrong before.  tempepolicecloset2013@hushmail.com


Secondly, go to Google and use this word string:  what does a pervert look like.  If we aren't listed as #2 or #3, then we will tell you who we are. Damn, that makes us happy!


Let's examine Gary Husk, Tempe Police Consultant.

A good guy or one of Tom "Dick and Harry" Ryff's and Hugh "The Damn Hero" Hallman's boys ?

Once you take the link above,  search  for Husk  (control + f).   Then make up your own mind.

Message to Tom:
We know  you hurt over our exposure of your kids criminal background.
We know  you harbor ill will towards us because we exposed your perversions to Roseanne.
You tell friends you will get us.
But Tom, this is what you have done to many of us over the years.
You are vindictive and hateful. You subscribe to, "the end justifies the means".
We take great joy is causing you 24 hour heartburn, for all of those who crossed you, intentionally or otherwise.

We're not going anywhere until we expose everything in your closets AND expose all of the butt suckers you surround yourself with.


Someone sends this picture to us and says, "No wonder Ryff grew up to be such a bully. He was such a pussy back then."

Big Bad Tommie


More dirty laundry from Chief Tom "Dick and Harry" Ryff.

Thank you to those who are ignoring 30.302 Social Media & networking or having your wife or your brother send us information. When it is said, that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, they may have meant that Brandon and Kristen Ryff, may be no different than their father, Chief Tom "Dick and Harry" Ryff.

Brandon.jpg (4189 bytes)

High School - Brandon took his girlfriend to a maintenance closet at Marco de Niza high school and was charged with sex assault. Tom "Dick and Harry" Ryff fixed this.

High School - Brandon was yelled at by a neighbor for speeding and he went back and egged the guys property, but he left his cell phone at the scene. Tom "Dick and Harry" Ryff fixed this.

High School - Kristen Ryff was fired from Target for not ringing up all the purchases for her friends.

2005-2007 - Brandon was arrested in Tucson for beating up his girlfriend. Tom "Dick and Harry" Ryff fixed this.

2007-08 - Brandon was arrested on a weapons charge in Ill where he is attending dental school.

Recently - Brandon was arrested in Chandler for an unknown reason.

We will have more facts soon.

Chief Tom "Dick and Harry" Ryff was heard talking on his phone in his office within the last four years.  He was heard to yell,  "Doris,  I am not fucking my wife." Later another person heard him talking to "Charlie", in a way that clearly exposed Charlie was a female and Ryff was courting her.

In 2005, Ryff was sued by a minor and this was in Orr's court.  Take this link  and add Tom or Thomas Ryff to the fields and then click on any of the many "Click for Results" buttons.

While you are at it, look at Charles Cobbs and others.

Some of Mayor Hugh Hallman's dirty laundry as well?

Here is the report about Mayor Hugh Hallman's kid being tied or taped to a chair and tossed in the swimming pool by his brothers. Tempe had it, CPS was standing by, the investigation was handed off to Scottsdale and  . . . . you tell us how to finish this sentence.

For those viewers, other than in law enforcement,   ask yourself, had that been my kid, would the crime been closed as unfounded and hushed up?


Joe Arpaio aide requests investigation of Chief Deputy David Hendershott.

Chicago: Hundreds of officers call for the ouster of Police Official.

It's not that hard, officers all over are standing up and saying, this bullshit has to stop.

Lesson here, keep a notebook or what you have seen and heard,
because you never know when another "Deputy Chief Frank Munnell"
might step forward and say,

We know of three notebooks out there, keeping your own is smart.
We have someone ready to go to DPS or the FBI.
They are prepared to say, Ryff needs to go and
here's the evidence and witnesses you need
to end his reign of terror, corruption, lies and intimidation.


On BadPhoenixcops.com they call Jack Harris "Jack Ass Harris".

We newbies got to thinking, what would we call Tom Ryff? What name would be appropriate? What name describe Tom perfectly? Well here it is:

Chief Tom "Dick and Harry" Ryff

That is simply work of a genius. From this point forward, all you will ever have to hear is "Tom" or "Dick" or "Harry" and you will think of  Tom?

So it is now and forever after, Tom "Dick and Harry" Ryff.

Say it out loud and fast, don't that feel good?

To complete the story, will Bannie-chest-key verify that Tom, is at least Harry?

If you do nothing else but sit on the sidelines, you can do this. Tell everyone (neighbors, friends, family) you can about:

" . . . this crazy ass website that has really bad information on the Tempe Police Chief. And you know what else, there is another one called "Bad Phoenix Cops. com". If you want to see the TMZ of law enforcement, put those blogs in your favorites."  You'll laugh for hours because these guys have some big cojones (co-ho-nez)!"

Another Police Chief is called " . . . a man of low moral character, no integrity and unfit to lead a police department of heroes".

So Chief  #1 is replaced. Chief # 2 shows change can be immediate and beneficial to all.

"Ratcliff was hired as the department's deputy chief for operations in 2002 and stepped in to replace former Chief David Leonardo in October 2006. Leonardo retired abruptly after an internal survey found many officers were dissatisfied with his leadership."

It's all about "the question" you guys. First, determine the question, then everything will fall into place.

Is Chief Ryff a man you are proud to serve under?

Is Chief Ryff a man you are proud to call your leader or your Chief?

Are you satisfied with Chief Ryff's leadership?

Is Chief Ryff a man you would let date your only daughter?

Is Chief Ryff someone you would let your daughter babysit for?

Is Chief Ryff a man of low moral character?

Does Chief Ryff  have integrity?

Can Chief Ryff  lead a police department of heroes?


Anyone see any lies in these docs? It will take a minute or two to load the first file, the others load faster. Have patience!

012709   Complaint about Chief Ryff to Charlie Meyer. TOA President McHenry was cc'd.

021309    HR's findings

021309    City Attorney's findings

021709    Meyer to file, case closed and ALL charges unfounded.

This is the fastest investigation ever done in the history of the City of Tempe.

It took 20 days and was investigated by two people who have no law enforcement experience and neither had ever done an investigation of this kind.


What is the story and the ending behind Mark Salem, the Tempe businessman who hates the Tempe Police Dept.?

TPD did a search warrant at his business and then cited him for assault. What happened?   Salem hasn't been seen or heard since then.

Some say Salem is suing Ryff and / or the City of Tempe. Anyone know for sure?

Speaking of lawsuits, we hear there is another one getting ready to pop.


From an e-mail Bill Richardson sent to a cop and their spouse sent it on to us:

Who is telling the truth?  The Tempe Police Department or the Arizona Republic?

This information came from heatcity.com

Tempe police spokesman also denied that the agency had anything to do with the Republic’s decision, saying no one there had even voiced concerns about Richardson’s blog.“To answer your question, no,” Sgt. Steve Carbajal said. “Nobody from the department, including the chief, has made a complaint to the Republic.”

This information came from the Arizona Republic.

We did receive a complaint regarding Mr. Richardson's blog and our investigation found no wrong-doing on his part. Unfortunately, he then sent a letter that we felt was an act of intimidation. We have a strict policy that investigates any complaints against the paper without prejudice so that we insure we're not leveraging our position in an unfair way. The public must be able to voice concerns without fear of retribution.      Randy Lovely   randy.lovely@arizonarepublic.com

Below is the email I sent to Tempe officials after I was told the NAACP sent two letters to the Arizona Republic.  A Tempe police employee made this complaint.  The NAACP has refused to release the complaint, the two letters it wrote or its secret investigation of me.

August 13, 2010

Chief Ryff and Mr. Cobbs:

Did either of you have anything to do with the NAACP writing multiple letters to the newspapers I write for complaining about my purported involvement in the operating the tempepolicecloset.com website along with concerns about my having a racial bias?

If so, please tell me what you based your representations about me on?

Also, if you were involved, did any of your efforts take place on city time and involve city equipment or any other city personnel besides the two of you?

I look forward to an immediate and honest response.

Bill Richardson.


Are we to assume you are joining us, Bill?


Richardson is canned.


Moser is not moving away, he failed to get the Las Vegas job and get the hell out of town. He recently entered the drop so he will be around for the next 60 months.  Damn, it has to be tough wondering what they are saying at the end of the hall as you walk by and they shut up, smile smugly and walk away.


On 082010 Chief Tom Ryff came out with his new General Order named 30.302 Social Media & networking. It speaks for itself.

Section E, paragraph f says - Employees shall guard themselves accordingly and shall not participate in any conduct that is likely to have an adverse effect on the reputation or integrity of the Tempe Police Department.

Wouldn't Chief Ryff's sex tape and behavior be an example of a violation of Section E, paragraph f,   which says, " . . . shall not participate in any conduct that is likely to have an adverse effect on the reputation or integrity of the Tempe Police Department."

Is it true that Ryff is attempting to muzzle his staff and prevent them from participating in a blog, social media or us?

Is that legal?


Ohhhhh, if it were only this easy!

Surprise Police Chief Resigns

Complaints about Surprise Police Chief


Our resignation.

We choose to take Tom Ryff on, expose his perversion, show everyone what a dog he was. You choose to sit on the sidelines and cheer quietly.

In any game, war or conflict, there are soldiers and there are cheerleaders. ALL of us are tired of fighting this war when it is clear all of you are scarred shitless. Your choice . . . made ours simple.

Tom, you won. You did a better job of scarring them, intimidating them and keeping them quiet than we did to empower them and getting them to help us expose you and your illegal and perverted behavior. So Tom, we pass the championship belt to you.

To the rest of you,

We are sorry that instead of Ryff being exposed, he is now empowered.

Now he is invincible and you will all pay the price.

We are sorry we did not accomplish our goal.

We are sorry all we did is anger Ryff.

But you will share the blame.

From all of us at "The Closet",

Sincerely, Good bye and God Bless,


Al, Brenda, Charlie, Dave, Eleanor, Frank, George, Henry, Jay, Jeff, Mark, Ralph, Richardson & 713 more!